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5 tips to combat writer's block

Updated: Jan 6

Lets face it we all get the "Block". we all know how to get rid of it, but were not great at doing what needs to be done. let me share with you my tips on how I get rid of the block.

  1. The most basic and most effective, go for a walk! The only way to get out of the "block" is to get out of your head and into real life. Take everything in. The colours, the sounds, the sights, the people, the expressions, the emotions, how you feel. pay attention to it all. Come home and write it down. Taking a break from a project can help get you on track.

  2. Listen to music. I mean really listen to the music, listen to the lyrics. Focus on how it makes you feel. Sometimes I like to listen to rap music, depending on the on the song it can provoke thoughts and feelings in me. When that happens I write it down. After all what is "RAP" Rhythm And Prose.

  3. Focus on how you are feeling. Give that feeling a colour, give it a sound, give it an identity. Give it life. Try and describe it to yourself in a way other people will understand and relate to it. Understanding your feelings allows you to deal with difficult emotions better.

  4. Do something you would never do. Go to a coffee shop on your own and just watch the people coming and going. Try and guess what conversations they are having just by watching their facial expressions. Say hello to new people, make new acquaintances. Fuel your mind, remain open and curious.

  5. Last but not least, "REST" allow yourself to make time for yourself. Sometimes all you need is to take a break. Step a way completely switch off. Take a weekend away. When you switch off sometimes a reboot is all you need. Go easy on yourself. Allow yourself some down time.

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